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Leon #2 by Pepper527
( Leon Scott Kennedy wallpaper by :iconfadeless-nightmare: )

Leon S. Kennedy by Pepper527
Leon Scott Kennedy
Age: 36 (as of Resident Evil 6)
DOB: 1977 (day and month classified)
Nationality: United States
Height: 5’10 (1.7m)
Weight: 155lb. (70.2kg.)
Occupation: Police Officer; US Government Agent; Counter-bioterrorist
Affiliation: RPD (formerly); US Gov’t (formerly); DSO (currently)
Theme Song: 

Leon's Memoirs:

My name is Leon Scott Kennedy. 

If you're reading this, you're either an old friend who's worried about me, or an assassin who's been sent out to kill me. Whatever the case, what you're about to read is a glimpse into the bizarre, horrid, and nightmarish experiences that I've had for the past fifteen years. 

It all started on the night of September 30, 1998. It was to be my first--and only--day as a rookie cop in Raccoon City. I missed my first shift that day because I overslept drinking hard the night before. I rushed into town expecting a serious scolding, but instead found the city engulfed in flames and overrun with mindless, cannibalistic zombies. After running from my life from the rotting freaks, I found help from a survivor named Claire Redfield, who came to town searching for her brother, a STARS member named Chris. The two of us fought our way over to the precinct, only to find that the virus had spread to all of my fellow officers. Trapped inside, Claire and I evaded several monsters, until we rescued a frightened little girl named Sherry Birkin.

Sherry guided us down to the sewers, where the disaster originated. As we ventured, we met a mysterious female spy named Ada Wong. Ada told me that  the Umbrella Company's G-Virus was the catalyst for the fall of Raccoon City, and that Sherry's father Dr. William Birkin was the one who released it. When we discovered the mad scientist, we found his mind and body hideously deformed by his own virus, killing all traces of his humanity. Birkin chased us out of the lab and  into a secret railway that led all the way out of Raccoon City. The three of us escaped by the skins of our teeth, and that bastard Birkin was finally killed when the train exploded. From that moment, Claire and I went our separate ways; she continued to search for her brother, while I decided to look after Sherry. But the peace we enjoyed didn't last long.

A few months later, Sherry and I were abducted by the government because of our knowledge of the Raccoon City catastrophe. They eventually took Sherry into protective custody; it was the last time I would see her again for 14 years. Meanwhile, I was given a deal: use my experience from Raccoon City to become a special agent working to eliminate bioterrorism around the world. It wasn't a hard choice; I owe it to Claire, Ada, and Sherry to make sure another Raccoon City never happens again. Besides, it was either that or the government making sure I never see sunlight again.

The next decade or so, I was sent on dozens of missions worldwide taking down bioterrorist threats. My assignments ranged from taking down a drug lord in South America, to ending a civil war in Eastern Europe, to rescuing the President's daughter from a cult in Spain (God, she was a pain in the ass). Most recently, I teamed up with a bunch of friends both old and new, to uncover a massive conspiracy by Neo-Umbrella and their insane CEO Derek Simmons.

I won't tell you where I am currently, but I think by now you got the whole idea. If you're still worried about me, please don't worry. I'm still alive and fighting the good fight. If you're still determined to kill me, come and get me if you want. But you better bring your A-game, because I won't hesitate to fight back. Either way, now you know my whole story. It's up to you to decide what to do with it.


Resident Evil 2:
* Before the game's events, graduated from the Raccoon City Police Academy
* Is one of the few Raccoon City residents to avoid the G-Virus:
** Only because he overslept.........dumbass
* Turned out a pretty competent fighter even though it was only his first day as a cop
* Saved fellow survivor Claire Redfield and teamed up with her
* Rescued Sherry Birkin, the daughter of Umbrella scientist William Birkin
* Defeated several enormous BOWs, including the Tyrant T-103 and the mutated William Birkin.

Resident Evil 4:
* Fought his way through village after village of insane, murderous members of a fanatical cult, Los Illuminados
* Defeated giant monsters and BOWs, including El Gigante, Del Lago, and a mutated Ramon Salazar.
* Defeated former ally Jack Krauser in a one-on-one knife fight
* Destroyed the deranged bioterrorist cult Los Illuminados
* Rescued Ashley Graham, the daughter of the US President

* Trained a squad of SRT agents how to effectively kill zombies
* Helped Claire and agent Angela Miller escape an airport full of BOWs
* Assisted in taking down Curtis Miller, who infected himself with the G-Virus

* Survived being alone in a civil war in the Eastern Slav Republic
* Managed to keep his cover when he was interrogated by ESR soldiers
* Eliminated the "Las Plagas" virus that was used to kill the country's civilians
* Saved the ESR soldier "Buddy" from getting infected himself by shooting his spinal cord:
** This however, left Buddy crippled for life.

Resident Evil 6
* Saved fellow DSO agent Helena Harper from a zombified President Adam Benford
* Escaped with agent Helena Harper from the overrun college in Tall Oaks
* Survived against Helena's mutated sister Debra
* Fought BSAA Captain Chris Redfield to a standstill.
* Destroyed the mutated Derek C. Simmons, the main antagonist of Resident Evil 6.

* Under development


Silver Ghost
* Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
* Magazine: 15 rounds (9mm.)
* Can be fitted with silencer
* Based on the H&K USP and S&W Sigma.
* Custom model: Five times more likely to pull off a headshot than most handguns.
* Inaccurate and unstable: difficult to use at mid-to-long range.
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Wing Shooter/Matilda:
* Semi-Automatic
* Magazine: 18 rounds (9mm)
* Based on the H&K VP70
* Leon occasionally wields two of these.
* Accurate and has large capacity, but somewhat weak.
* Dual-wielding increases power, but reduces accuracy.
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4; Resident Evil 6

Mauser C96 Red 9 by Pepper527
Mauser C96 ("Red 9"):
* German-produced
* Magazine: 10-20 (7.63 x 25mm) Mauser rounds
* Firing Range: 150-200M
* Is one of the most famous handguns in history
* Has been used from World War I all the way to the Vietnam War
* Leon can purchase this gun and the stock from the Merchant
* Was also Luis Sera's weapon of choice
* Fun fact: Han Solo's blaster was based on a Mauser C96!
* Yes, I did copy this from Wild Dog's bio. :P
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Steyr TMP by Pepper527
Steyr TMP:
* German-produced
* Fire Modes: Semi, Full-Auto
* Magazine: 15-30 rounds (9mm)
* Hip-firing results in poor accuracy.
* Can be fitted with foregrip, butt stock, and laser sight for greater accuracy and recoil control.
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Chicago Typewriter (Tommy Gun) by Pepper527
M1A1 Thompson ("Chicago Typewriter):
* American-produced
* Fire Modes: Semi; Full-Auto
* Magazine: Thirty .45 ACP rounds
* One of most legendary submachine guns in history
* Was widely used from the Prohibition Era to World War II
* Fun fact: Leon's version comes with infinite ammo! (I'm not f**king with you!)
* It also gives Leon a stylin' Mafia costume
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Remington 870 by Pepper527
Remington 870:
* American-produced
* Firing Modes: Pump-action
* Capacity: Five to Eleven 12-gauge rounds
* Relatively average shotgun, usually a starter weapon
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4 

Image result for benelli super 90 m3
Benelli Super 90 (“Riot Gun”):
* Italian-produced
* Fire Modes: Semi; Pump-Action
* Capacity: 3-7 shells (12 gauge)
* Sp
reads pellets tightly, resulting in greater accuracy and range than most shotguns.
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Armsel Protecta Shotgun by Pepper527
Armsel Protecta ("Striker"):
* South African-produced
* Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
* Capacity: Twelve 12 gauge rounds
* Rotating barrel allows it to fire much faster than other shotguns
* In game, its capacity can be upgraded to hold a whopping 100 ROUNDS!!! (WTF!?)
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4 

Springfield Sniper by Pepper527
Springfield M1903A4:
* American-produced
* Magazine: Five .30 Springfield rounds
* Early bolt-action rifle used by US troops in WWI
* Was used again in WWII, mainly as a sniper
* Weirdly, Leon reloads it with a 7-round clip, which is harder to put in
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

RPG Launcher by Pepper527
Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG-7):
* Russian-produced
* Magazine: One explosive warhead
* Fire Mode: Single-shot
* Again, do I REALLY need to explain what this does!?
* RE4 has a special version that fires INFINITE ROCKETS!!! (What the actual F**K!?)
* There's even an anti-boss version that fires red, insta-killing rockets!
* Appearance: Resident Evil 4

Leon with Knife by Pepper527
Combat Knife
*Leon is an expert at knife combat.
*Strictly close-quarters weapon (duh). Typically only used as last-resort weapon.
*Used to defeat Jack Krauser in a one-on-one knife duel.

Strengths & Abilities:

Peak physical conditioning:
* Avoided laser tripwires and enemy attacks
* Outran a giant boulder and a giant statue of Ramon Salazar
* Flipped Jack Krauser, who would easily weigh around 200lbs 
* Strong enough to hold the combined weight of Angela and the mutant Curtis Miller
* Used a leg lock to prevent a Licker from killing him

Expert marksman: 
* Able to land headshots from almost fifty yards away without missing
* Can duel-wield weapons Black Lagoon style
* Can use heavy, explosive weapons just as easily as normal firearms
* Successfully threw his knife into Ramon Salazar's hand, impaling it

* Consistently thinks his way out of most situations in record time.
* Has solved several puzzles and challenges along his adventures

Incredible resilience
* Has survived devastating punches from giant BOWs like the Super Tyrant and the mutated Curtis Miller.
* Survived being needled by an Iron Maiden zombie (though not without damage)

Keen intelligence and intuition:
* Can instinctively detect anyone attempting to sneak up on him
* Ada Wong admits that he’s “practically a genius"

Capable one-on-one fighter
* Defeated Jack Krauser in a knife duel
* Briefly fought Chris Redfield to a draw.

Is probably Resident Evil's most commonly shipped character:
* His harem includes the likes of Claire, Ada, Angela, Manuela, Hunnigan, Ashley, and Helena
* Some even pair him with male characters like Chris or Wesker

Outstanding in bed:

Leon Kennedy Chainsaw Death by Pepper527


Usually has at least one partner at his side:
* Not used to handling missions on his own.
* Death Battle only allows outside help in tag team battles or if the partner serves a non-combat role

Endurance has limits:
* Almost always needs medicinal herbs or first-aid spray when wounded.

Limited experience fighting normal opponents:
* Spent most of his career fighting mindless zombies and crazed cultists.
* Occasionally fought living, trained opponents like Krauser, Redfield, or Svetlana but has little experience otherwise.

Human limitations:
* Like Bond, is still human and can be overpowered by larger opponents or killed by bullets.


("Let's take a break. Because it looks like it's gonna be a long night.")

DB bio for Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil
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